Monday, March 8, 2010

The Scyphozoan Wiki

The Scyphozoan website has been reconfigured as a wiki - The Scyphozoan* Wiki. To contribute, simply click on "log in / create account" (top left) and register as a user.

The goal is to create a truly community-based resource providing up-to-date accurate information on medusae currently, or previously, recognized as scyphozoans*. The intended audience is a broad community - educators, media, professionals, public, researchers, and students - who will come to know The Scyphozoan* Wiki as a reliable resource for their information needs. 

Links to community resources can be placed at   

Links to home pages and a 75-100 word biography including description of research interests are encouraged under "people" ( 

At this time, the site is very incomplete. It is easy to copy, paste, and amend text to contribute your information. Help can be found in the toolbox (bottom left of main page).  

Comments, questions, and suggestions for major improvement are always welcome!  

* i.e. Scyphozoa, the sister taxon Cubozoa, and the enigmatic Staurozoa.

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