Friday, May 29, 2009

Welcome to Jelly News - South America

Dear Jelly-Friends,

Welcome to Jelly News – South America, a scientific divulgation online periodical with strictly academic purposes, created to integrate people and ideas concerning the scientific research on the gelatinous marine animals.

Our goal is to provide short communications on recent activities and scientific releases about the gelatinous life.

Anyone who works on cnidarians, ctenophores, planktonic mollusks, thaliaceans and any other gelatinous group of animals are welcome to post texts and comments to this blog. English is the main language, but Portuguese and/or Spanish versions of the texts will also be available.

JNSA was idealized by Otto M. P. Oliveira and Roberta A. Maia, both from CEBIMar/USP.

Hope you enjoy it!
Jelly News South America - ISSN 2175-9561